Why you should consider switching to a concealed hinge?

A hinge is a furniture hardware that is attached to a door, gate or any similar object, with the help of which the object swings when it is closed or opened. Concealed hinge, as the name itself suggests, is an invisible hinge. They are also often termed as “European Hinges”. They are called concealed hinges because of the fact that when they are used on a door or gate or cabinet, one can only see the surface of the object. Pivots and brackets are the most important part of a concealed hinge.

What are heavy-duty concealed hinges?
Heavy duty concealed hinges are used in heavy-duty applications. The thickness of the material of a concealed hinge ranges up to one-quarter inch. They are used in large doors, big cabinets and such other heavy furniture.

What are Concealed hinges used for?
Concealed hinges are versatile and have manifold uses ranging from kitchens to bedrooms, offices to shops. Similarly, heavy-duty concealed hinges also have wide applications as described below

  • Medical: They are used in vault doors, radiation shielding, blast room doors and so on
  • Containers: they are also used in national and international shipping containers.
  • Marine Applications: Heavy duty hinges also find their usage in the marine industry such as in loading and unloading doors, security doors and gates.
  • Research and Development: They are used in doors, vaults and other furniture in research laboratories
  • Chemical Processing Plants: They are used in processing equipment and application machinery.
  • Construction industry: they are used in gates, heavy panels and doors in an ongoing construction sites

Benefits of using concealed hinges.
There are various types of hinges available in the market. But some important features of a concealed hinge set it apart from others. What is it that makes a concealed hinge unique from any other hinge? Why it has become an integral part of modern day interior decoration techniques? Some of the advantages of concealed hinges are mentioned below:

  • As concealed hinges are on the inside, they provide a sleek and clean look as compared to other hinges. As a result, the doors or cabinets end up appearing more beautiful.
  • Since concealed images are not visible on the outside, they are not prone to dust and dirt. Hence, there is no need of cleaning them often.
  • Apart from being invisible, they are also noise-free. Their use is smoother and easier.
  • Their installation is easy as compared to other hinges. They do not require any additional hardware to self close and one can install it without any external help. Additionally, their removal is also quite an easy and less time-consuming task.
  • They are easy to adjust when one needs to tighten or loosen them. They are flexible because they can be adjusted in three directions. (Height, width, and depth)
  • They are cost-effective and durable. Their cost totally justifies their usage.

Due to the myriad advantages and uses, concealed hinges are rapidly replacing the traditional hinges. They have brought a reform in the interior designing industry. They are also available in different varieties depending on your needs and requirements. They are quite easily available due to the availability of different hardware stores that deal with concealed hinges.

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