With the newer designs in the handle collection, Sugatsune introduces a mega assemblage of its amazingly designed recessed handles.

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With Sugatsune recessed handle compilation, one may never want to look or go anywhere else. With the wide variety to choose from, Sugatsune recessed handles are a thing to watch out for. No wonder, Sugatsune has emerged as a name associated with quality products in this range.

With its corporate office in Mumbai, Sugatsune has come a long way since the time of its inception 88 years ago. With the innovative techniques introduced by Sugatsune in the field of hardware, it has become a famed name. The products are designed catering the usability in the homes as well as commercial spaces.

As the term recessed handle is becoming increasingly familiar and finding acceptance by people across the globe, Sugatsune recessed handle finds a lot of recognition owing to its impeccable arrangement.

The varied types of Sugatsune recessed pull handles are described in the following section:

Stainless Steel Recessed Pull Handle: There are multiple varieties under this section such as the ZL-2501, YK-70, YK-W100 and SKH. However, the list does not end here.
Add to the list, the code names of HH-AS2, SMH, OP-150, HH-KS114, HH-DS114, and so on.

Large Recessed Pull: As the name goes, this are a bit larger in size; however, that does not take away from the beauty or the utility of the product.

Recessed Pull with Ventilator: This is a recessed pull which facilitates the use by a ventilator. The design and look of this product is as endearing as any of the other products in this league; be it stainless steel or large recessed pull.

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