Shelves add up to a lot of beauty to a home just as any other piece of decor will add to their place of living. Sugatsune shelving systems provide an amazing array of adjustable shelves which not only add to the beauty of the home but are very effective to use.

With more people looking for new and innovative ideas to upgrade their homes, shelving systems have made a big place for themselves in the new-generation homes.

Sugatsune has come up with astonishingly beautiful solutions when it comes to shelving; be it wall shelving or adjustable shelving. One can choose from wide variations from the Sugatsune shelving systems.

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  • For Glass: There are various shelf types available under this category which one can select from. Some of these are the Unit shelf type “B” XLA-US02B, “C”XLA-USO2C and “K”XLA-USO2K.
  • For Level adjusting: Shelves are very much a part of any modern day living room. At Sugatsune, we understand this fact to the core and thus, have come up with pretty and robust adjustable shelves. You can find its usage in the living room to place their accessories or antique decor pieces or these adjustable shelves can be fit in the dining room as well. Practically, there are ample uses of these adjustable shelves.Moreover, if they are fit in the kitchen, they can prove to be extremely productive, with helping in making the kitchen more efficient while placing the cutlery and other kitchen stuff.
  • Wall Shelving: This is Sugatsune’s most amazing and contemporary idea with regards to wall decor. The wall shelving has found new meaning with these fantastic designs presented under this category. From the dining room to the bedroom, these wall shelves are incredibly comfortable to use and great to look at.

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