Shelf organizers are organizational tools for homes and shops which declutter and help with easy accessibility of objects. They put objects and daily belongings on display, making them easily visible. Sugatsune shelf organizers are excellent for closets, shops, kitchens, pantries, office cabinets, shops & showrooms.

Offering more counter space, our shelf organizers are made up of durable and sturdy materials that last for years without getting damaged and can carry heavy loads as well.

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Sugatsune as a shelf organizer brand

At Sugatsune, we believe in designing efficient Furniture Fittings & Architectural hardware solutions; that is why our wide range of storage facilities help our customers with organized homes and less cluttered surroundings. We create easy-to-assemble shelf organizers that keep rooms and essentials organized.

Coming in different shapes and sizes, Sugatsune shelf organizers fit snugly anywhere in your homes, wherever you want them to be. Our designs boast easy access, usability, and industrial grade sturdiness that gain us more satisfied customers.

Types of shelf organizers which Sugatsune provides

  • Shelf Standard SP, SPS, SPE, APDH, APDM, SPHL: Organise your rooms, kitchens, shops, showrooms & offices with this product that offers strength and support to your belongings for a prolonged period of time. Anti-slip shelf supports prevent the slipping & falling of glass & wooden shelfs.
  • Shelf Support: With Sugatsune shelf support products like SPB-15R, SPB-20, SPF-20, SMB-15R and more, you get a super high-quality support and area to place your stuff without any untidy spots in your home.
  • Heavy Duty Shelf Standard SPH: Sugatsune heavy duty shelves help to organize your cabinets and closets properly ensuring smooth and easy operation. They accommodate heavy and bulky items with ease. It is super easy to assemble and clean the shelves too.
  • Hook SP-35: Adds another dimension in organizing your stuff in the shelves. Compatible with Sugatsune shelf organizers SP & SPS. Can also be used to hang or display the merchandise in shops & showrooms.

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