• Features
    • Safe and smart design: door will be locked when knob is pushed in.
    • Flexible to suit door thickness by adjusting screw.
    • Spring loaded latch keeps the door closed
    • Can be used for overlay and inset door (Door thickness: 19-30 mm).
  • Parts Included – Base
    • Screw to install latch body: Pan-head tapping screw 3×20 (SUS)
    • Screw to install counter plate: Pan-head tapping screw 3×16 (SUS)
    • Screw to adjust door thickness: M4x24, M4x30
    • Push Knob – Base
Item Code Item Name
140-014-264 TLP-S-BB-WB
140-014-265 TLP-S-BB-G
140-012-390 TLP-S-BB-CR
  • Latch Body・Counter Plate
  • Item Code Item Name
    140-064-430 TLP-LBM W