• Features
    • Door will be latched when closed.
    • Pull lever to open.
    • Non-Handed: Can be installed on left or right side.
    • All components are plastic, 304 or 316 stainless steel to provide high corrosion resistance.
    • Easy installation. Insert the latch body through cut out section and simply screw-on the back plate.
    • Back plate is designed to accommodate door thickness 0.8 mm – 12 mm, and also 12.5 mm – 22 mm by fl ipping over.
    • Can be released from inside.
  • Parts Included
    • Pan head screw M5×12 (SUS316)
    • Pan head screw M5×18 (SUS316)
Item Code Item Name
140-050-031 LJ-61-BL
140-059-200 LJ-61-WT