What are Pocket Doors?

As the thought of remodeling the homes occasionally crosses your mind, you tend to maximize the space and get rid of unwanted stuff, isn’t it? That is when creative ideas like pocket doors come into the picture. Pocket doors are sliding doors which seemingly make rooms look spacious than they already are. Pocket Doors for Wardrobes or Cabinets doors once concealed in the packet become non-obstructive and make more space for free movement. They are a great investment not just in terms of extra space, but they act as a replacement for regular hinged / swing doors.

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  • Uses and Benefits of Pocket Doors System in India:
    Pocket doors are usually used for living rooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. Some of the benefits include:
    Help in creating non-obstructive environment and better usage of space.
  • Add a Unique Movement to the furniture & environment with functionality and utility

Sugatsune as a Pocket Doors System India Brand
Sugatsune has made its presence in manufacturing best-in-class hardware and interior designs. We provide a wide variety of furniture fittings suiting the needs and comforts of our clients. Our products are quality assured and trusted for serving their purpose. Sugatsune pocket doors are designed to last for years with sturdy looking, and adding space and purpose.

Sugatsune designs its pocket door systems keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. Our doors operate effectively because of their quality and clean design.

Sugatsune pocket doors come in a lot of varieties:

  • Pocket Door System (Inset) TSSL-2V
    This pocket door design allows the door to be pulled and get stored in the cabinet itself. Apt for small and compact rooms.
  • Pocket Door System (Inset) ALT-2V-220
    This pocket door design is ideal for fitting home theater cabinets and speakers. Provides ample space.
  • Pocket Door System (Overlay) ALT-2V-5
    This pocket door design is specially designed to eliminate door noise and sag. One touch door installation adds to the ease of usage.
  • Folding Pocket Door System (Inset) ALT-F
    This pocket door design is made for convenience and utility purposes. Apt for closets, laundry rooms etc.
  • Sliding Pocket Door System – FD50-DHCP-PD, FD50-DHCMP-PD, FD80-DHCHP-PD, & FD80-DHCMP-PD
    Come with world call soft-close technology of Sugatsune
    Sugatsune Sliding pocket doors systems can be serviced without opening or breaking the pockets
    No bottom tracks are used. Help make the floor a barrier free floor.


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