Hooks are the multi-purpose jewelry for your walls to carry. Right from the entrance to the kitchen and the bathroom, decorative wall hooks are your essential companions that will hold up your style as well as serve the much important purpose of taking the weight off the floor; keeping it nice, clean, and well managed.

Just hook it!

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They offer the stability of shelves without all the huge efforts of filling the wood and painting it to match it to your style, wall and setup. Just drill the decorative wall hooks in and they will work for you as long as you want.
When it comes to hooks, there is a hard choice between the flashy decorative wall hooks but last only for a short period of time or the ones that stand strong till the end of time, but are no treat for the eyes.

Well, Sugatsune gives you the choice of choosing the style as well as efficiency. You can choose from the wide variety of well-designed hooks available at Sugatsune according to the work that you want them to do or just to decorate your wall. Whatever the need be, we’ll have the type of hook available.

  • Recessed hooks: The sugatsune recessed hooks will rise to the occasion when needed and stand by as decorative pieces when not required.
  • Pxb hooks: The coat hooks to groom your walls and make your hanging coats look good.
  • Swing hooks: The butterfly hooks, the rotating swing hooks will give more for less. By these for easy and compact accommodation.
    Magnetic hooks: The sugatsune magnetic hooks offer ease & flexibility of usage with good load capacity.
  • Latch hooks: Latches to hold on to the slippery objects, right from satin and even chained purses.
  • Large utility hooks: We provide the largest variety of stainless steel utility hooks. Each design improvised and perfected to suit a variety of jobs.

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