When it comes to home decor, no other factor adds to sophistication as much as glass does. Whether it is transparent or with opaque designs, Sugatsune has come up with some impeccable glass door fittings.

The awe-inspiring glass fittings introduced by Sugatsune will have every person looking for more. These are designs on the toughened glass which you will want to decorate their homes with; be it the glass door hinges or the glass door locks, the stainless steel door knobs or the lever handle hinge for glass doors.

Sugatsune as a glass door fittings brand
Sugatsune glass door fittings have world-class supremacy and elegance which is unmatched. With these astonishing glass door fittings, Sugatsune has established itself in the global market and has earned a respectful name for itself in the field of glass fittings.

Types of glass door fittings provided by Sugatsune

Enlisted in the following section are some of the glass door fittings Sugatsune has introduced.

Glass pivot Hinge: Minimalist in design, matches the lines of frameless glass door. Universal designed glass door locks & magnetic catches also available to go with the Glass Pivot Hinge. Excellent option for showcase & show windows in boutiques, jewellery stores, showrooms, museums, residences.

Glass door locks: Glass door locks by Sugatsune are a delight to watch. Good range to choose from. These are robust, provide security and great looking at the same time.

Self-closing Slide Door System: This door system is also made available by Sugatsune as a very ravishing glass door fitting. Without any sensors, counts over all electrically operated systems and works well for both residential, and commercial setup. Purely a mechanical and maintenance free system, a good combination of functionality & utility.

Frameless glass door with soft close: As the name goes, this frameless door not only combines elegance and durability but is noiseless when it closes, making it an ideal choice for residence, office, commercial space, schools or hospitals.